Kim Williams-Brinck

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Specializing in Overall Fitness after 40, Weight Loss, Post-Injury Rehabilitation, Chronic Fatigue & Central Sensitivity Syndrome (Fibromyalgia) in the Greater Seattle Area.


Yoga has been around for thousands of years and many exercises originate from yoga poses. It could be that you have done some of the physical postures of yoga and not even known you were doing them!

I first came to yoga in 1993 looking for stress relief and therapy for my own chronic back pain and Central Sensitivity Syndrome (Fibromyalgia), and found enormous relief. I have practiced Iyengar and Anusara yoga, and have studied with several well-known teachers in the yoga community. I am a registered yoga teacher.

Yoga helps improve muscle tone, strength and stamina. Many yoga postures are excellent both for training one's core - the different muscles that stabilize your spine and pelvis. A strong core is vital for stability, and helps protect the lower back. Yoga is also excellent for improving balance. People tend not think about balance in conjunction with personal training, but having good balance is vital for coordination and posture, especially as we grow older. For these reasons, I often incorporate yoga poses into my client's routines.

Yoga is also a great form of stress reduction and has a therapeutic quality to it. Often, if I arrive at a personal training session and find my client feeling overly stressed or under the weather, doing some therapeutic yoga poses helps. That is one of the many benefits of weekly training sessions - because for all of us, things in our lives change from week to week!

If you are interested in stress relief or some of the other benefits of practicing Yoga, please contact me.